I write. I teach.

You grow.

Hi, I’m Ian.

I write content and provide English training for individuals and companies worldwide.

I have 30 years’ experience in journalism, content writing, editing and English language teaching.

My goal is to help you tell your story clearly.

Why work with me?

“Ian is a great writer – he’s worked on thought leadership articles for several of our key clients across numerous industries. He’s reliable, gets back to you quickly, and always delivers great work on deadline. All of which is exactly what any digital marketing agency needs from a writer. Highly recommended.”

Kris Evans, Head of Content, Silx.

Content writing

I write strong content and deep insight to inform and engage your audiences.

I also edit text to make it compelling and consistent with your brand.

Research is everything. I work with you to pinpoint what your audiences need to read. Then, I carefully craft content that is useful and meaningful. It could be a press release, a video script or insight with comments from industry experts.

Read my latest articles on climate change, sustainability, digital transformation, remote working and inclusion.

English training

I provide English language coaching and conversation practice to help you communicate in clear English. I focus on building fluency and confidence in the language.

I also edit text translated into English for global audiences. I make sure your messages are accurate and can be understood more easily by non-native English speakers.

Read what my clients say about my English language services.

The Writing Room

The Writing Room is my creative workspace; a modernist building constructed in 1969 as a utopian vision of the future. I can’t promise you utopia, but I will do my best to make a positive difference.

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