Strong content

Have you ever glued your fingers together?

Me neither.

If you did, you would find superglue really does work.

It’s the same with content. If it’s strong, it will be more effective.

Carefully written content, such as news, blogs, marketing material, insight and reports, will help you:

  • Inform and engage your audiences
  • Generate better leads
  • Drive positive change


There are three things to consider in written communications:
  1. Your objectives
  2. Your user needs
  3. The content itself


Have you heard of content design? It’s about writing content in the simplest way possible to meet user needs. I combine this technique with well-honed journalism and copywriting skills to make your content user-centred, accurate, informative and engaging.

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“Ian is a valued member of the team and has significantly improved the way Praxity informs and engages with its participant firms worldwide. I have no hesitation in recommending him for any copywriting or content writing position.”

Graeme Gordon, Executive Director, Praxity Global Alliance.

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