Writing great content

What does the phrase ‘content is king’ mean?

Many companies think it means writing as much as possible and pinging it to anyone who might be interested.

This is a recipe for disaster.

Do a quick google search, open a few web pages, check out your latest twitter feed. It won’t be long before you’re impatiently looking for something pertinent and concise.

content pencilMost content is written by people who don’t understand what they are writing about or who they are targeting. And many writers forget that less is more. They lose sight of the reader.

So I’ll keep this short. When you want to write about your business, products, services or people, remember to ask yourself:

1. Who am I writing for?

2. What do I want the reader to do?

3. Do I understand the subject?

4. How do I make it clear and compelling?

5. What tone should I use?

If you don’t have the time or resources to do it yourself, employ a proven content writer, or at the very least get a specialist to proofread what you’ve written. You may find it will not only save you money, it will help you engage your target audience and lift your brand.

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