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Comms crisis? A freelancer can help

Hiring an experienced freelance writer is a low-cost, flexible way to meet your content needs during the pandemic and beyond.

Communications teams worldwide are struggling to deal with a massive increase in workload.

Employees of SMEs and large organisations are under immense pressure to meet the demand for clear information and expert guidance on fast-changing events.

A survey by the Institute of Internal Communication on the impact of Covid-19 on comms teams reveals 71% of respondents have experienced a “significant increase to workload and capacity”. Two thirds of respondents said they issue Covid-related messages daily.

Specialist freelance content writers can provide instant relief for both internal and external comms teams under strain. Here are four key benefits:


1. Cost-effective

Hiring a specialist to turn complex information into clear, accurate news and insight provides a cost-effective way to meet demand during peak periods and crises. You only pay for the work required, as and when you need it. You don’t pay for sick leave or other related costs.


2. Flexible

Freelance content writers are incredibly flexible. They have to be. This means you can get help now, next week or next month. You can get support on a project-by-project basis, on an hourly or daily basis, or via a short-term contract. You have more choice of arrangements and more control over your budget.


3. Experienced

Hiring a proven freelance content writer with experience of different types of content, industry and comms channels will give you peace of mind. It means they can quickly grasp how to write for your organisation and its target audiences. This will save you time and money that would otherwise be spent on training employees.


4. Ready

Remote working is the norm for freelance content writers. While they may be experience working on site, they are highly experienced at working from home. The best will have high-speed and secure internet connections, and will be adept at conf call and virtual meetings using multiple technologies. It means you won’t need to spend money on equipment.

Managing content during a crisis isn’t easy, especially with a depleted team working flat out every day. An experienced freelance writer could help you through difficult periods and make your organisation more resilient in the long-term.

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