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Don’t get lost in translation

My international clients often ask me to review content translated into English from another language. I’ve noticed that when content is translated word for word, the meaning can be lost. This is especially the case in marketing content where short, compelling phrases are so important.

To avoid content being misunderstood by your target readers, it’s really important to get it checked by someone who understands your business and your audiences as well as the nuances of the English language.

What works in one language may not work in English after translation. Depending on the quality of the translation, you may discover words, phrases and entire sentences need to be reworded to make your content more accurate and compelling.

I’ve recently been working on website content translated from Spanish to English, German to English and Swedish to English for different companies. Each time, I have not only needed to correct mistakes but also to advise on better ways to say something to give it more impact. It’s surprising how just a few changes can make a big difference to the way a product, service,  company or message is understood.

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