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Writing case studies

Case studies provide added value when you focus on the end user.

It’s easy to overlook the power of case studies to inform, influence and persaude.

Carefully researched, well-written case studies are a great way to showcase what you do. They are simple to produce, cost-effective and can help you win new followers.

The secret lies in keeping it simple and on point, and writing from the end users’ perspective.

An example:

I was commissioned to write a series of case studies for a global alliance of accounting firms called Praxity. The brief was to showcase how being a member of the alliance helps independent accounting firms grow.

Instead of simply writing about what the association does well, I interviewed the members themselves to find out the challenges they faced and how being part of the alliance helped overcome these challenges.

By speaking directly to end users I could pinpoint exactly where the value lies – and it’s not always where you might think.

The key to a successful series of case studies is to convey value in a compelling way. I did this by creating a clear and consistent format for each case study, with small chunks of concise text divided by strong headlines and powerful quotes from end users, each highlighting a different benefit.

Comments I obtained include:

“It gives us a feeling of belonging and guarantees us a competitive advantage”

“If I compare the cost of membership to the fees generated by international referral work, we have probably had a return of 20 times.”

“We are not required to work together; we choose to work together. This creates a different dynamic.”

By indentifying the reasons for being part of the alliance and discussing these reasons with members, I was able to highlight the key benefits in a more powerful and convincing way.

The end user is also critical when it comes to publication. In this case, my client chose to publish the case studies on its website initially, with links from an online magazine. There are plans to promote the series in a variety of digital and print media to provide more access points.

Click here to see what I wrote for Praxity.

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