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Freelance copywriter and English coach.


Hello. I'm Ian, a journalist, business writer and English coach in London.


I write powerful content and give business English training to help you:


  • Speak clearly

  • Be understood

  • Make an impact

  • Grow your audience

  • Have great conversations

I work with SMEs, agencies, charities, international companies and non-native English speakers worldwide. 


The Writing Room is my studio where I find the words you need to make a positive impact.

Why work with me?

  • Skilled copywriter and English coach

  • Easy to work with

  • Responsive

  • Cheaper than an agency


A native Brit, I am a qualfied newspaper journalist and TEFL English teacher with 25 years' experience in business communication.


My clients around the world trust me to deliver the words they need to convey their messages clearly and powerfully. 

Think of me as your personal word assistant, ready to write and edit content, or give you English support, whenever you need a helping hand.

Read about my experience.


Ian is a great writer. He’s worked on thought leadership articles for several of our key clients across numerous industries. He’s reliable, gets back to you quickly, and always delivers great work on deadline. All of which is exactly what any digital marketing agency needs from a writer. Highly recommended.

Kris Evans, Head of Content

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Ian Lavis


Croydon, London

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