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Grow your skills


English is the global language of business but many people do not speak or write it well.

I provide English training, writing and editing services for professionals and companies around the world.

I help non-native English speakers build their skills and confidence in the language. I help companies write in clear English for global audiences.


I work with professionals and international companies in different countries including France, Germany, Sweden, Brazil, Chile, the UK and the USA.

My clients include:

  • Health and wellbeing professionals at Germany's largest energy company, RWE

  • Managers and creatives at  fintech businesses in Sweden, Chile and Colombia

  • International business people at the London School of English

  • Accountants and auditors at U.S. accounting firm Moss Adams

  • A leading sociologist and university lecturer in France

  • Journalists from Brazil


Personalised English training by video or phone.

Each coaching session is targeted to meet your goals:

  • Enhance your speaking and listening skills

  • Enrich your vocabulary and grammar

  • Improve your fluency and pronunciation

I give you the English you need to do your job more effectively, from emails and presentations to meetings, negotiations and social situations. It's not like being in school. It's relaxed, enjoyable and rewarding.


I typically give weekly training sessions of up to 60 minutes. Depending on your preference and location, we can speak by phone, Skype, Teams, Zoom, or in person in London.

Before we start, we have a chat (free of charge) so I can assess your level. We agree what to focus on and I develop a programme to help you achieve your goals.

A good coach is a good listener. In each session, we speak about different topics of interest and I listen for errors. Then I give you feedback, with tips on vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. If required, I give you exercises to help you learn new forms or refresh your knowledge.

Some of my clients want to enrich their vocabulary. Others need help with grammar or pronunciation. Some just want to practice and become more fluent. Whatever your needs, I can help you improve your English skills.


I am a qualified newspaper journalist and English coach with 25 years' experience in business communication.

I have a Cambridge TEFL certificate and many years' experience working at London's top business English centre, the London School of English. I have also worked at language schools in France including the British American Institute in Marseille.

You are in safe hands.

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