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Improve your English and have better conversations.

Personalised training and support to help you speak and write in clear English.

What I deliver

  • Business English coaching for non-native English speakers around the world.

  • Private English lessons and conversation practice for individuals and groups.

  • Writing and editing services for companies that need to connect with English-speaking audiences.


What you will get

  • Targeted support.

  • Help with spoken and written English.

  • Help with business and everyday English.

  • More confidence in the language.

  • Peace of mind.

Latest work

  • Individual and group English lessons for health professionals at German energy company RWE.

  • Personalised coaching for Chinese accountants at U.S. firm Moss Adams.

  • Help with writing blogs for a French marketeer in Singapore.

  • English language support for managers and creatives at fintech companies in Sweden, Chile and Colombia.

  • Conversation practice and English language support for professionals in France, the Netherlands, Russia and Brazil.

  • Business English training for international clients at the London School of English.

Learn and grow

My English training programmes are designed to meet your specific goals. Each session is personalised so you learn only what's best for you. The objective is to take your English to the next level.

  • Improve your speaking and listening skills. 

  • Learn new vocabulary for your job and day-to-day needs.

  • Learn how to write more clearly in English.

  • Refresh your grammar.

  • Improve your fluency and pronunciation.

  • Practice with a native speaker (me).

I give you the English you need for work and pleasure, from emails and presentations to meetings, negotiations and social situations.


My English coaching is not like being in school. It's relaxed, enjoyable and rewarding.

How my coaching works

I normally give one-hour training sessions between 8am and 5pm London time. Depending on your preference and location, we can speak by phone, Skype, Teams, Zoom, or even in person in London.


Before we start, we have a chat (free of charge) so I can assess your level. We agree what to focus on and I develop a programme to help you achieve your goals.

A good coach is a good listener. In each session, we speak about different topics of interest and I listen for errors. Then I give you feedback, with tips on vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. If required, I give you exercises to help you learn new forms or refresh your knowledge.

Some of my English improvers want to enrich their vocabulary. Others need help with grammar or pronunciation. Some just want to practice and become more fluent. Whatever your needs, I can help you improve your skills and confidence in the language.

My experience

A British native, educated in England and based in London. I am a qualified and experienced newspaper journalist and English coach with 25 years' experience in business communication.

I have a Cambridge TEFL certificate and many years' experience working at The London School of English, the No.1 business English trainingn centre in London. I have worked at language schools in France including the British American Institute and the American Centre in Marseille, and I have trained hundreds of employees in international companies including Virtual Expo in France and RWE in Germany.

You are in safe hands.

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