• Ian Lavis

You are the expert. I am the conveyor.

How can I write with authority if I am not an expert in your industry?

The answer is simple: My job as a content writer is to convey information in a compelling way. I don't need to be an expert in your industry. I just need to make your words resonate.

You and your colleagues are the experts, and those people whose knowledge you want me to tap into.

If I was an industry specialist in finance, property, engineering and all the other subjects I write about, my head would explode.

Of course, it helps if I have a good understanding of what you want to say and to whom. This comes from careful research of your business and audiences. The research process starts long before I even think about writing or editing your content.

Adding value

What really matters is an ability to turn your thoughts, ideas and messages into something readable and meaningful – to inform, engage, inspire and motivate.

This is where the value lies.

Think of me as a well-oiled conveyor belt moving information from one place to another in a controlled way. In this case, from inside your head or deep inside your company or industry to the minds of your target audiences. The only difference is I change your information along the way to make it more digestible and enticing.

You’re the expert. I’m the conveyor. With knobs on.

Contact me today and let’s get things moving.

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