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Let's talk about men's mental health

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Every week, a group of men of all ages and backgrounds meet up at different locations across London to go for a walk.

And they talk.

They talk about family, relationships, sport and what’s really on their minds – things like money problems, addiction, work stress and gaining access to their kids after a breakup.

The men are members of The Proper Blokes Club, a community project for men’s mental health. The main aim of the group is to break the stigma of men’s mental health and start talking openly about it.

In my latest collaboration, I teamed up with members of The Proper Blokes Club in London for an exhibition on how the group is changing lives.

The exhibition profiles group members in stunning photos (by Colin John Clay) and text (written by myself and Geoff Saunders). Each man featured in the exhibition talks candidly about their mental health, what brought them along to the group and what they get out of it. These are ordinary blokes with extraordinary stories.

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