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Case study 1.
Award-winning digital content and thought leadership for a global accounting association.

The client

Praxity, the world’s largest alliance of independent accounting firms.


The need

Finding time to write great content on complex topics when you’re working on multiple projects is near impossible. Especially when deadlines are looming.


You know you need support from a trusted content writer but where can you go for help?


This was the challenge facing the marketing and business development team at Praxity, a global not-for-profit accounting association based in London. Praxity has a small team of dedicated staff who organise conferences and provide support for more than 120 accounting firms around the world. To meet its strategic goals of providing consistently high levels of quality and support, the team needed help with:


  1. Writing marketing content to showcase the organisation’s innovative digital platform and associated services;

  2. Writing insights on the biggest business challenges facing accounting firms and their clients worldwide, from the Covid-19 pandemic to hybrid working, inclusion and sustainability.


How I helped

I was commissioned to produce powerful content to inform and engage Praxity’s stakeholders. This involved researching content ideas, agreeing and updating a content plan, interviewing industry experts and writing short and long-form content. From emails and digital magazine content to video scripts and thought leadership articles.


Having previously worked with the Praxity team as a full-time copywriter before becoming a freelance writer, I already knew the team, the association, and its audiences, but I needed to stay on top of the organisation’s evolving needs and audiences to ensure the content we produced hit the mark.


Positive results for stakeholders

Working closely creatives and managers, I helped the Praxity team broaden and improve its marketing content across a wide range of media. The objective was to keep Praxity members informed, encourage engagement and strengthen the association’s market position. My 'topical' and 'insightful' articles helped Praxity win Thought Leadership Initiative of the Year. I also researched and wrote Praxity’s winning entries for the Association of the Year Award, helping to retain the association’s position as a leading light in the accounting industry.

"Ian has worked for Praxity for a number of years. His work is excellent and elevated our communication. I have no hesitation in recommending him for any copywriting or content writing positions." Samantha Louis, CEO, Praxity.

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