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Case study 2.
English coaching for employees of a global energy company.

Casual Meeting

The client

RWE Power AG, Germany’s largest energy company.


The need

RWE Power AG is part of RWE Group, a global energy company employing more than 18,000 people.  RWE Power AG employees often need to communicate in English with colleagues and clients in Germany and other countries. Some staff are naturally more fluent in English than others. Many have not had the opportunity to improve their English skills since school. I was commissioned to help RWE employees raise their English level and feel more confident in the language.


How I helped

I was initially contracted to provide personalised 1-2-1 training for the manager of RWE’s health and wellbeing department in Cologne. My learner had an intermediate level of English but was worried about making mistakes or not understanding her colleagues, especially in meetings or when making presentations. To help her improve her speaking skills and confidence, I developed a conversation-based programme featuring two x 45-minute video calls per week to talk about work projects and day-to-day life, with feedback and tips on vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. The objective was to raise the manager’s level in business and general English, and make speaking in English something to enjoy, not fear.


Positive results

My learner, who is a coach in mental health and wellbeing, has made great progress and she now feels more confident using English for work and pleasure. She has improved her vocabulary and grammar skills and talks more fluently. She was so impressed with the results, she asked me to train other staff in the department as part of the company’s employee training and benefits package. I now deliver online English coaching to individuals and small groups of RWE employees, focusing on the English they need for work and day-to-day situations, including project updates, emails, presentations, meetings, conferences and social English.


"Ian is a very appreciative English trainer. He gives you hints and corrections in a great way. It is so valuable that he is a native speaker; you learn ‘real’ English. In our small group everyone is taken into account and Ian uses a great mix of methods. We practice everyday conversations, talk about topic-specific texts, and use podcasts and practice sheets to support the online lessons. I really look forward to my English lessons because learning with Ian is fun. Even the grammar! You can see an improvement in a short time." Esther Havertz, Health & Wellbeing Specialist, RWE Power AG.

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