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Case study 3.
English coaching and blog writing for regional managers
in Europe and Asia.

The client

Kudelski Group, global experts in securing data, content and assets.


The need

How do you speak and write in great English if you are not a native English speaker? How do you manage meetings, interviews and presentations in English if you are not totally fluent in the language? These were the challenges facing staff in the Kudelski Group, a data and content specialist with over 3,200 employees across 30 countries.


The Kudelski Group is a global leader in providing digital access and security solutions in the fields of digital TV, public access, cybersecurity and the internet of things. Many of the group’s employees need a high level of English to do their day-to-day work. One such employee was a manager in Asia whose job involves writing in English for a global external audience.  


How I helped

The Kudelski professional already had a high level of English but needed extra finesse in writing to better engage stakeholders. Using my skills as a journalist and content writer, I developed a personalised English coaching programme to help my learner write in clear, accurate and compelling English. I focused on learning how to write in a strong, consistent style but also in a humble tone to reflect the company brand. We worked on correcting and improving his own written material and we analysed examples of other published writing styles. This was supported by exercises in vocabulary, grammar and writing style.


The programme was so well received, I was asked to extend it. I was also commissioned to provide English coaching for an HR professional in Europe who needed to improve her spoken English for interviews, meetings and presentations.


Positive results

The manager in Asia has significantly improved the way he writes. He has adopted a more concise, reader-friendly and humble writing style, and he is more confident using a wider range of vocabulary and phrases to provide added finesse. The HR manager has also developed her business English skills. She feels more confident interviewing candidates in English and speaking to colleagues at work. Both professionals feel they can do their jobs more effectively. I continue to provide online support when required.


"Since working with Ian, we’ve seen a marked improvement in the output of our team’s non-native English speakers. This is highly motivating for the individuals and for the company." Andrea Schmelz, Talent & Development Manager, Kudelski Group.

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