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The true value of an English coach

I have never said this before but I would like to reveal I have successfully transitioned.

From English teacher to English coach.

What's the difference?

In simple terms, a teacher is more directional and instructional, usually providing new knowledge to a bigger group of learners. A coach is more learner-focused, helping individuals develop their existing English skills to achieve personal goals.

As an online English coach for business professionals worldwide, I find that what really makes a difference to my clients is providing a customised approach - listening to my learner's needs and finding the best ways to help them improve their skills.

A good coach is a good listener. And always puts the learner first.

My own English coaching and training is highly personalised. None of my coaching sessions are the same.

For example, this month:

  • I helped a small group of health and wellbeing specialists in a German energy company talk about their latest work;

  • I helped a leading French sociologist present new research on migration to an international audience;

  • I helped a Belgian native in Singapore improve the way he writes blogs on technology for his company's website;

  • I helped Chinese native auditors and accountants in San Francisco improve their pronunciation and enrich their vocabulary.

I am also a mentor.

A key part of my job is to help my learners feel more confident using English. I do this by providing ongoing support, motivation and guidance.

Read my latest English coaching and writing projects and testimonials.

I'd love to hear from you if you need help with your business English, or if you simply want to practice and improve your English conversation skills. Contact me today.

And don't forget I can help you with your content writing too!

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