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Get the content you need

I’ll let you into a secret:

You don't need to be a techie to make fintech compelling.

Or an engineer to make nuclear captivating.

But you do need an expert with words.

A good copywriter or content writer can write about anything, for anyone, with a decent brief.

The secret lies in research and collaboration.

Engaging copy doesn’t just happen. It’s the result of hours, days and sometimes weeks and months of research. And this is true of any form of content, from catchy slogans to ground-breaking thought leadership.

So, how do you get the results you need?

In my case, as a freelance copywriter and content writer with clients in hugely different markets, I approach every writing project in the same way:

· Research

· Question

· Research

· Write

The research bit takes far longer than the writing part and can rarely be done in isolation. It means working closely with a client to tap into their expertise, asking the right questions of the right people and understanding the needs of the audience/s.

Not being an expert in my clients’ markets is seen as a benefit. I can look at things differently and add a fresh perspective. And I avoid jargon.

Which might explain how last week I found myself writing about nuclear waste disposal, accounting software and holidays in the Mediterranean – for a UK agency, a USA startup and a global company.

I’m all for diversity.

And my clients seem to like it too.

Let's get together.

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